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In this blog we are going to discuss on how to capture the old and new credit limit from SAP ECC system based on customer, changed By and date of modification. As many of us know that there is no function from where we will be able to capture it from initial point. But trust me this is very simply and more useful to each of us.

For what this report is used:

Most of our clients depend on the report to identify if we really need to walk in detail of a customer to know what actually their limit will be. To make that more simply SAP has soughed certain table from where we can use to check the limit. Also there are standard report build from SAP. Each time client wants to check the data of a customer master to know what will be the limit and has the customer paid or has there been any fraud activities  like someone has made the limit more than as needed all those information can be found using this report.

From Where we can Start

For those of you who are working in ECC and not aware of the credit limit report here is the details for your reference.

There are 2 table from where you can fetch them

CDHDR from here you can capture the customer based on the CHANGENR along with T.code FD32 and pass them to CDPOS based on FNAME-KLIMK from where you will be able to get the old and new credit limit value. Using this you can create a new report.

But out of which if you need to know the old and new value of a customer based on the credit control area then this will not help you.

SAP Standard Report

There is a standard report which SAP provides. To use the report go to T.Code: S_ALR_87012215

View of the report

This will show all the details of the credit limit based on new and old limit who has changed it along with date and time.


So based out of this blog we can in a position to know in what all ways we can get to know on the credit limit. Hope this content help you all in understanding the importance of our customer to keep them known on such reports. This will be helpful to all the end users and customer out there in the SAP network.

Thanks & Regards,

Ashok kumar Muthusamy
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