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With the upgrade of ECC6.0 with EHP5, SAP has discontinued the option to change the layout of the enjoy transactions (FB50, FB60, FB65, FB70 and FB75) at end user level through screen variant. It was available in previous version.

The purpose of this document is to describe the process to create a layout for transaction FB60 through transaction variant creation.

Fig. FB60 Screen in ECC 6.0 EHP5

As you can see the 'Configuration' button is no more available for user to access. Now we need to create the layout for user through transaction SHD0 - Transaction variant.

Creation of screen variant

To create the new layout as per the user requirement, we need to create a screen variant. Execute the transaction SHD0 and Got to tab Screen variant.

Enter transaction code ‘FB60’, screen variant name, program name and screen number.

Here we want to change the layout (manage the columns) of the transaction FB60 - GL line items. So we have selected program ‘SAPLFSKB’ and screen ‘100’.

Now click on create button.

Here we are arranging the columns as per our requirement. One can arrange the columns by drag and drop functionality.

Note: By default there are 5 columns which are fixed in SAP program SAPLFSKB. To move the fixed columns (if required) we need to get ‘Access key’ for program SAPLFSKB and change the number of fixed column in transaction SE51. This task is to be performed by an ABAPer.

Once we done with arranging columns as per user requirement, press enter to continue. System may ask you to enter the vendor and document date details to proceed further.

System will give a new pop up screen.

PLease make sure you have selected check boxes for ‘Adopt Column Sequence’ and ‘Adopt Column Width’. Give the logical name and description of the variant and click on Continue.

Check all your settings, and click on save button.

Creation of user group

As we are done with the creation of screen variant, Now we need to assign this screen variant to a specific user. Before that we need to create user group. We create the user group so that same variant can be assigned to multiple users.

Go to tab Standard variants

First we need to create a user group. Enter the group name and click on create button. Make sure this user group name should start with letter ‘Z’.

Click on create.

Enter the group name and short text of the group and click on save button.

Here you can see that system has generated name for transaction variant ‘ZBR01_1FB60’.

We have to create the transaction variant with this key name so as to assign the screen variant to the user group.

Creation of transaction variant

Go to tab transaction variant

System automatically populates the transaction variant name in this screen.

Click on Display/Change button highlighted above. This will enable the options to assign screen variants to transaction variant.

Click on Insert row button.

Enter the screen variant created in the first step and press enter.

Click on save.

Assign user to user group

Go to Standard variant tab

Enter the username and click on ‘Assign’ button.

This assignment will assign the user to user group. The next step is to click on ‘Set Proposal’. With this step the screen variant actually becomes effective for user ID.

Now whenever this user execute the transaction FB60, he will see the screen as we defined in the screen variant ZBR01_1.

Similar to this you can create the screen variant for other enjoy transactions of SAP FI.

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