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ERP Logic’s custom built automated virtual bot aims at providing multiple purchase order creation with multiple line items which completes repetitive, mundane tasks without human interventions.


Standard SAP ByD system facilitates creation of multiple purchase order only with manual entry in system or with customized solutions which cannot be automated.

But Customers may need to book hundreds of Purchase Order in a day which is a tedious, time consuming manual process and is also error prone.


To overcome this ERP Logic has developed a solution using any RPA tools and Microsoft Excel to create multiple purchase order with multiple line items.

Design / Process Flow

This Blog Post provides an overview of Purchase Order creation using one of the RPA tool UI Path.

UI Path is a platform for end-to-end process automation with three different product suites:

  1. UiPath Studio allows us to Design any automation processes with the help of different Activities, Diagrams, Flowcharts, and Event triggers. Each Diagram and Activities represent a certain type of work to perform.

  2. UiPath Robot is used to Execute the processes built in Studio. Robots will pick those steps and run without human direction in any environment. It can also work when human triggers the process.

  3. UiPath Orchestrator is a web-based application. which helps to Deploy, Schedule, Monitor, Manage robots & processes.

Purchase Order Creation in SAP Business ByDesign system can be designed using Activities such as Open Browser, Close Browser, Type Into, Click Text, Click Picture, Get Text, Excel Scope, Read Range, Mouse Event, Keyboard Event etc. in UI Path Studio

The Robot takes care of entire process with respect to Purchase Order creation in SAP Business ByDesign by fetching the data like Order Number, Order Status, Purchase Order Items, Quantity and Price etc. from an Excel sheet, Login to the SAP system and Input the Purchase order data based on the user requirement.

The Robots can be scheduled at regular intervals such as hourly basis in a day, twice in a day, or daily basis or as per the requirement using UI Path orchestrator

Different Scenarios which can be automated in SAP Business ByDesign using the same technique.

  • Creation of masters like Employee, Customer, Supplier, Material, Services

  • Creation of transactions like Sales Orders, Customer Invoices, Supplier Invoices, Service Requests, Service Orders


  • Accurate: It works with accuracy, uniformity with Reduced Human errors

  • Handiness: RPA tools do not require any programming knowledge.

  • Consistent: The RPA software is developed in a way that all repetitive tasks can be performed in the same way.

  • Reliable: The data are secured and protected

  • Productivity: Task execution time is faster compared to the standard approach,

  • Efficiency: It can work continuously without a break, with the same efficiency.

  • Cost Effective: It enables you to reduce manual workforce and therefore decreases the cost needed to perform any task.


RPA tools like UiPath surpass existing technology in areas like Desktop Automation, Remote applications, Data handling and it can be hosted in cloud environments or virtual terminals.

For more information on the custom automation please contact us at Contact | ERP Logic Your global partner for SAP® Cloud Solutions