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Creation of a Daily Work Schedule Variant


Some of the US Clients have a scenario where a day before the Public Holiday is Half day working Day i.e. with the reduced Number of working Hours. This Just an Example how we can use the daily work schedule variants in Public Holiday scenario.

Define a Public Holiday

SPRO==>Time Managementè==>Work Schedulesè==>Define Public Holiday Classes

     Select Public Holiday and Click Change

     Select Create .Now create a Public Holiday.maintaing the public holiday class is mandatory  this will help us to identify the day of the holiday.

     Assign Public Holiday to the Holiday calendar.

     Open the Holiday Calendar and assign the public holiday to the holiday Calendar...


Click on Assign Holiday in the holiday Calendar and assign the holiday which you have defined.

Now you can see our holiday has been assigned to the Holiday Calendars.

SPRO==>Time Managementè==>Work Schedules==>Personnel Subarea Groupings==> Group Personnel Subareas for the Work Schedule

SPRO==>Time Management==>Work Schedules==>Personnel Subarea Groupings==>Group Personnel Subareas for the Work Schedule==>Group Personnel Subareas for the Daily Work Schedule

SPRO==>Time Management==>Work Schedule==> Daily Work Schedule==>Define Break Schedules

SPRO==>Time Management==>Work Schedules==>Daily Work Schedules==>Define Rules for Variants.

Here we define the Rules for Variants this is the important Part if the work schedule Variants.

Holiday Classes:

0              Not a public holiday

1              Ordinary public holiday

2              Half-day holiday, e.g. 24.12. (Christmas Eve)

3-9          customer specific public holiday classes

Rule No:                              We have to define the Rule No

Holiday Class:              Holiday Class                      We have to define the holiday class of today i.e. the day before the public holiday

Holiday Class Next Day:      We have to define the holiday class of the next Day

Day:                             DAY:                                   You can define on which day you want this to occur. We can check if you wish to have a an alternative on the specific day

Variant:                              Variant will be used to be attached to the Work Schedule.

SPRO==>Time ManagementèWork Schedules==>Daily Work Schedules==>Define Daily Work Schedules.

Here we have to define 2Daily Work schedule Work schedule with the same Name for one we have to use the Work schedule variant.

Work Schedule 1 for Regular Work Days:

Work Schedule 2 which has to reflect a day before the public holiday.

This work schedule we have to define with the reduced number of working Hours

PT01: Generation of the Work Schedule:

Look at the work schedule on 16th December;

A look at the work schedule in detail

A look at the work schedule on 17th Dec:

Thanks and Regards,

Srikanth Reddy Munugala

Accenture India .

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