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I want to share you a simple tutorial, I noticed that some of our fellow SAP developer straggling on how they create a add-on installer.

This video demonstrate you on how you create your add-on and deploy it to SAP B1.

It takes 3mins of your time.

Thing that you should have.

1. Visual Studio

2. You should already installed B1 AddonInstaller(B1DE)

3. AddOnRegDataGen.exe

Or you may used the ExtensionManager to create add-on package that is new in SAP Business 9.1. You may visit here: Creating and Registering add-on package SAP 9.1 ~ Tips and Tricks

This is much easier than compiling your add-on using AddOnRegDataGen.

If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Please don't forget to rate this content :wink: . Also you may visit my simple blog at: Tips and Tricks

I don't know why my video is not showing anymore. You may visit my personal blog if you want.Creating and Registering Add-on on SAP B1 ~ Tips and Tricks   



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