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Thinking outside the existing walls: Greenfields of Opportunity 

Advanced data analytics, emerging technologies, and diversified resources ignites dynamism where there is a transformation in both the digitization and in business models in the utilities sector. 

The power shift is a double entendre between the energy transference and decision making  where all stakeholders: businesses, generators, providers, consumers, municipalities, and entire cities, become empowered by information to make informed decisions through the implementation of new and diversified technologies, the proliferation of sensor-enabled data, process changes, and software and analytics to drive  behavioral and institutional changes in the ways in which power is both consumed and generated.  

A holistic approach to Digital Transformation is a paradigm shift that calls for new approaches regarding emerging and integrated technologies, the need for agility, and human factors. 

It's what SAP refers to as The Intelligent Enterprise 

What's at stake when it comes to Supply Chains? Why partnerships matter: 

SCM Word, A Gartner Company ties it to 'Economies of Abundance': They build the case that contrary to what many have feared, we are ready to overshoot our material needs everywhere on earth sometime after the mid of the century. The possibility becomes reality that there will be plenty of food, shelter and medicine to go around. 

Engaging the Supply Chain, a Microsoft perspective on leveraging the strength of the SAP solutions.  

Developing a pioneer culture is not only linked to innovation, but to engaging more of the workforce. They value and leverage employment enablement technology such as mobility, wearables, dashboards, and use of data-driven insights. The need for provocative engagement extends beyond a cultural attribute to one that industry analysts tie to greater efficiencies, informed operating environments, and in manufacturing is tied to increasing profits by up to 5% revenue gains. 

Instilling a culture of continuous innovation, SAP's answer to building apps, integrations, and extensions easily: SAP API Business Hub 

Whether it's an existing environment that could benefit from optimization and increased levels of predictive analytics or an altogether new environment, businesses and their ecosystems of customers and partnerships can achieve powerful gains from emerging technologies. 

SAP showcases how Wind Energy Forecasting and Action by Foghorn: 

A solution that allows renewable energy companies required per government mandate to accurately predict, report and meet power generation over the next 24 hours to gain insights in advance to optimize or revise wind turbine settings through alerts. 

It leverages the following technologies: 


  • Vel&CEP 

  • Cloud Foundry 

  • Docker 

  • Historian 

  • MQTT 

  • ML 

Think you're too small to make a big impact – startups are integral in accelerating change. SAP thinks so, too. Looking to take your statup to the next level leveraging industry leading platforms, technologies, and service?  SAP.startup.focus 


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