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Hello All,

In this blog we’ll see how to Mass create G/L account in Q-System and Then transport the G/L account from Q-System to P-System in SAP Cloud 2208 Edition…

In previous version of SAP, there was an option to Create multiple G/L Accounts with Data migration tile, where we can create project and Upload multiple G/L account that is to be created simultaneously.

Here in SAP S4/Hana Cloud , G/L account data migration project is absent. Instead introduced mass creation of G/L Account through the tile “Manage G/L Account Master Data” or with SSCUI 150001.

In SAP S4/Hana Cloud, Standard Chart of Accounts – YCOA is delivered with the predefined G/L Accounts, which won’t be suited for all sort of business process, so new G/L account should be created according to our business process. With the help of Copy option we can copy single G/L account to Multiple G/L Account.

Select one G/L Account from YCOA and click on the option Copy.

Now enter multiple G/L account number with Description that is to be created and in Company Code Assignment Select the Company code for which the G/L account need to be assigned, click Copy.

You will receive a information regarding the G/L account creation Status.

Multiple G/L Account has been Created in Q-System with reference to predefined G/L given in YCOA.

If not okay with the created G/L account we can even edit G/L account basic information, Company code data.

After creation of G/L account in the Q-System it needs to be transported to P-System, it can be done by two ways 1. Creating BCP Project, set configuration status as complete and Click on Proceed to Run Phase. This process takes some time and also other configuration can’t be continued during this time as system shows maintenance screen. So to avoid this issue we can transport G/L account by using 2. Synchronize G/L Account Master Data” with the help of this tile we can transport G/L account to P-System in No time.

Open the tile Synchronize G/L Account Master Data

Select the Chart of Accounts (YCOA), enter the G/L Account Range that you have created (0041000001 to 0041000004) and enter the company code.

Select Update Run option and execute.

Now G/L account has been Transported from Q-System.

Open Synchronize G/L Account Master Data in P-System, and select Process G/L accounts radio button and Update run Radio Button, then Execute to complete the transport from Q-System to P-System.


Thanks For Reading.... Hope this Blog Helps you……Please share your reviews & feedback…



Dinakar Raja