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I would like share document for how to create new folder in Sap menu with transaction codes.

SAP Area Menu Maintenance

SAP Area Menu Maintenance

T Code: SE43

Enter in Area Menu: S000

Select copy button


Enter Name of copy (Name of copy should start with Z or Y) and give description

Enter and select English Language

Select Temporary package ($TMP) and save it.

Go to change mode by selecting “ Z_CODES”

  1. Select SAP R/3 and click  on
  2. Enter details as mentioned below. If you want text as folder select reference to a menu. If you want as a assignment t-code just enter t-code and enter then automatically text will display


4.Repeat Same by selecting Z_Codes

5. Select MM Codes and click

Enter and Click

6.Select PP, FI & SD Codes and click  individually


7. Save and Go to T Code: SU01

Enter User Name and go to change mode

8.Select Defaults tab and Enter the Menu Name in Start Menu field


9.Save it & do log off and log in.

The custom folder is now available in SAP Main Menu.

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