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  • Decouple infotype

1.    Decoupling frame work is a new method of creating or defining Infotypes.

2.    Traditional method of creating info types involves business logic in module pool.

3.    Decouple frame work is the new method where business logic is implemented ABAP objects classes instead of module pool.

4.    Infotypes created using decoupling frame work is called

Decoupled Infotypes’.

Create decouple infotype

Go to TCODE: PM01 .

Select ‘IT’ tab. Check ‘Employee Infotype ‘and ‘check class (BADI) ‘radio buttons.

Give Infotype number in the range of custom infotypes 9000- 9999.

Click on generate objects .Pop up will come to create PS structure.

Click ‘Create’

It will navigate to abap dictionary SE11 .Create the structure based on business requirement and activate it.

Click ‘F3 / Back’. After saving in customizing request .it will give pop up for check class.

Check class will be useful to insert or modify records in info types via object oriented process. Each Infotype will have one ‘CL_HRPA*’ class even

for standard Infotype also.

For custom infotype class starts with Z as below.

Transport table

Click ‘Enter’, navigate to change view of Infotype attributes.

Maintain attributes for created Infotype. In this document time constraint is 3’.It can be based requirement.

Click on ‘SAVE’ button. So that Infotype is created.

Module pool ‘MP996800’ is created with 3 screens like in the case of normal Infotype.

Go to SE11 – ABAP Dictionary

1.   Give PA9968 now. You will find the active standard table with created PS structure as decouple Info types cannot be maintained via Tcode pa30. This type info types are maintained via HCM forms / Webdynpro in ESS/MSS.

PA table

2.    Check for screen structure ‘ZHCMT_BSP_PA_XX_R9968’.

Now Screen structure and Conversion class can be assigned. Here I am assigning default conversion .

Go to Tcode: SM30 and select view ‘V_T588UICONVCLAS’.

Click on ‘Maintain’ and ‘New Entries’. Here version is country key .Can maintain country specific conversion classes as mentioned above in conversion class part.