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Hi All,

This is my First Document in the Forum and hopes this will be helpful for all.

As a functional consultant we all are very good in customers/vendors master data settings but in SAP HANA onwards,  SAP has introduced/combined all the vendor/ customer/contact person/customer credit management transaction codes into one transaction code called BP. I guess more than 34 + transaction codes combined and merged into one called BP.

"With great change comes great responsibility

I have seen so many goods blogs are written on BP configuration, but I was particularly looking for Create / Change / Display related settings for BP. After reacher and digging of pits for my requirement. I come to the authorization objects concepts. Authorization task is handled by basis/security guys only, but as a functional consultant, we should aware about changes and which views are reserved for which module? How the create / change/display will work in BP? How I can help basis/security team in fixing the authorization for BP. So let's discover the functionality.

I the following scenario I have taken one role for which in ECC system particular user has access for (XD03 / FD03 / FD04) transaction code. Now consider we are adding BP for this user.

1. Transaction code PFCG, add the transaction code BP into the role "FI_AP_Accountant"

2. Goto the Authorizations tab and click on change icon and on the next screen search for the Authorization Object B_BUPA_RLT.

3. Here I personally feel, Basis / Security + functional consultant need to coordinate for BP-related views and authorization.

4. As per our requirement, we need to set the authorization for

XD03 - SD customer display

FD03 - FI customer display

FD04 - FI customer changes log display.

5. In Authorization object, B_BUPA_RLT by default it has full authorization (*) for the user, but fit in our requirement we have to modify the ACTVT. We will select 03 (display) activity.

6. Now we will add BP views to the RLTYP, click on change icon and select the relevant views.

7. Here we have added views "000000" & "FLVN00".

8. Also, we have added authorization Object F_KNA1_APP manually.  F_KNA1_APP authorization object controls the central view of customer/vendor master data. So we have selected the Financial accounting view.

9. Click on generate the view.

10. Do the user comparison activity.

11. Assign this role to user "User1"

12.Login with User1 and enter the transaction code BP.

13. Select the vendor master data in BP. (XYZ)

14.system will display you only following two views.


Now user can only display the Business partner General data with FI vendor data with sales related data only.

In the next blog, I will try to cover more about RLTP different views according to the respective module.

Hope this will be helpful for all.

Any Suggestions or Critics will be highly appreciated.

Thanks for your valuable time.



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