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To create a new item text type for purchase orders  execute OLME to go get to the purchasing related IMG activities

Here drill down to Purchase order > Text for purchase orders > Define Text Types for Item Texts

Click the button "New Entries" , enter a sequential number and a description and save.

then go to next customizing step OLME > Purchase order > Text for purchase orders > Define Copying Rules for Item Texts

Select your text type then click the folder for Text linkages

Click New Entries , enter a sequence number then move the cursor to gray source text field and press F4. Find your text type in the pop-up, select it, save.

Continue with next customizing step OLME > Messages > Texts for Messages > Define Texts for Purchase Order

Open the folder for "Texts for Document Item"

Click New Entries , enter the print operation (this decides if the text is only printed when you create new message or when you create a change message - see F4 search help to see the alternatives)

Enter the combination of purchasing document type,  item category   which shall get your new text type.

then enter the Text object, which is EKPO for purchase order items and your text ID, which can be found in F4 search help. It is actually a F followed by the sequential number you used when defining the new text type.

Enter a print sequence. this defines where this text is printed on your form among the other item texts that you may have defined here.


Here you are actually done with customizing.

Next step is to create a new purchase order and make use of your new text type.

We had defined this text to be a manual text, not copied from any other source object, so just find your text type in the item text tab of your purchase order and enter some text.

Click the Print Preview button to see where this text is on your form:

With unchanged standard settings and print forms, the text will show up right away. This behavior may be different with modified or own print programs and forms.

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