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SAP has recently introduced the Planning functionality based on the ACDOCP table.  While for the moment it has very little practical application from a functional perspective, the potencial is clearly there. I think we can expect future functionalities based on the ACDOCP table. One of the benefits is the availability of multiple currencies, while traditional Controlling is limited to "just" three currencies.

The challenge for the project team has never been about choosing one functionality over another, because currently there is no functional overlap. Planning in Controlling with plan versions is a must-have feature and all standard CO reports are using it.

The challenge comes when there is a need to use both planning methods at the same time and therefore to ensure the data is consistent (or in sync) between two different methods. Some Fiori reports would read the data exclusively from the ACDOCP for example.

SAP has issued an OSS note addressing this topic:


New programs allow for the bidirectional data syncronization from CO to ACDOCP and the other way round:



Screen shots are below:

CO to S/4

S/4 to CO

Thank you for your time.

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