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Business Scenario : All the common expenses like project management expenses gets posted to a common WBS element. This cost has to be distributed to other WBS elements based on the number of employees employed in each WBS element (or based on any other proportion).

Step 1 : Execute program RKALPSAC to enable WBS elements as sender for the assessment cycle. (SE38)

Step 2 : Create WBS element group using KJH2 ( the set of WBS elements to which the common cost is to be allocated)

Step 3: Create a statistical key figure (SKF) using KK01 to represent the number of employees.

Step 4 : Plan the SKF for the WBS element group in CJS2

Step 5 : Create a cost distribution cycle using KSW1 (In Senders/Receivers tab, sender should be common WBS element ; receiver is the WBS element group that is created )

Step 6 : Run KSW5 periodically so that the cost gets distributed from the common WBS element.

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