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Dear Friends

This document is intended to use for novice (like me). The pressure mounted by the client (and sometimes by the parent company also) puts us in hot waters and we are bound to take help of others. Thanks to SAP for creating such a wonderful place (for me like a garden) where we get best help without demanding anything against it.

Any ways without beating the bush I will come directly to the point.

I was asked by the client to show cost component wise detail of Process Orders for a given period. First I tried to search in the standard reports but could not get success. Then I scratched my head but could not get success again. At last I went in the shelter of SCN and posted there a query for the same http://scn.sap.com/thread/3406448 with an intension that my favorite consultants will reply soon and the same happened. On the very next day I got replies from experts. Out of that Mr. ajay.maheshwari Sir’s reply was more suitable for me as I did not want to go for ABAP reports.

Ajay Sir suggested me to go for Report painter/writer report which he had already discussed with some other consultant in some old thread https://scn.sap.com/message/9773105.However till that time I never worked on Report painter/writer so bit afraid to start a new venture. But any how I was to satisfy client’s requirement so jumped in the field. After preparation of report, I prepared a document with screen shots for this report for my future reference.

Recently I again saw the same requirement on SCN raised by Mr. David. Ajay Sir replied on this thread also and referred the same old thread again. He (David) tried but could not get through (as he and some other colleagues saying that the links given in Ajay sir string are not opening). However I am surprised because for me those are still live and perfectly opening.

When I assured Mr David (on the thread) that the links are opening to me and even I have prepared a report using it, and I have prepared a document with screens for my report. Mr. David requested me to send the document on mail but I thought why I should not post the document on SCN itself so that many other colleagues may also be benefited. Hence I am posting this document with due regards and thanks to Mr. Ajay Maheshwari. Also I would like to request him to make corrections (as he is actual owner of this document in a way) in the document.

The desired Format

Order No.   RM Cost      Wages   Power     Material OHs        Works OHs      Admn.OHs    Total Cost             GR Value     

How I designed the report

First of all create an additional Cost component structure (Auxiliary) and add one cost component ‘COGM’ to it. This is required to get the Credit (GR) values of order. This CCS can be created by copying your main CCS. For this report we have created ‘ZK’ CCS. Activate the CCS.

First we need to create Form

Go to KKO4. Give Form code and description

Press Create. It will look like below

Now Set General Data Selection

And update as follow

Double click row1 and select characteristic

Now double click on column1

Updates as follows

Confirm and change the name as ‘Output Qty’

Now double click second column heading and change as following. Remember we are creating this column for our Raw material Cost.

Click Ok and change Column name as RAW Material Cost.

Click next column heading and change it as below to fetch Wages figures

Likewise create columns for all of your cost components.

After that create a formula column for total of all cost components. This will look like below:

After it create one column for GR values like below

Your form is ready, Save it. Now create report. Go to Environment-report-create. Give report name code and description; give form name you just created.

Give Characteristics for reports

Give variable for report

Save and run report. System will ask you to assign report to a report group using GR51/GR52 and assign the report to it.

Output report will look like as under

The same report you can use for different drill down as defined in the characteristics of the report.

Your report is ready for presentation.

Now its my time to request you for your valuable suggestions as this is my first effort.


Rajneesh Saxena

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