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This document is about how we can activate the cost component split in CO area Currency. Also we will see how it affect to Cost Component Split in CK11N

If your controlling area currency is not the same as the company code currency, CCS is always updated in company code currency. If we would like to see CCS in CO area Currency, we should maintain it on OKYW tcode.

Before maintain OKYW,    CK11N screen is as follows;

In blue field that I marked above is empty. So you can not display cost, according to Cost component Split in CO area currency.

If we maintaned OKYW  tcode,  we  would display CCS in CO area Currency.

When we finished OKYW maintanance, we will  see  symbol in blue field.

So let begin to do it with OKYW tcode.

Initial screen is as follows:

Then we should fill  at least Company Code area. But if intend to do this for specific "Costing type" and "Valuation variant" , we fill these fields as well.

We can find "Costing Type" and "valuation variant" for particular Costing Variant with OKKN tcode easily.

and the details we are looking for;

So now, we can maintain OKYW tcode :

Now, we can display CCS  cost in CO area Currency.

In this document I tried to explain how OKYW tcode works. With the help of this document,  we can display CCS in CO area currency.


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