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In SAP we have provision to copy results of inspection lot to other for Inspection type 01. This is very useful functionality and can be used in various scenarios like Stability Study, Recurring inspection, etc.

In this block, a very basic scenario of copying inspection lot result from one lot to other is explained. One may take reference of this blog and implement scenario as per business requirement.

Configuration Requirement

For this process very basic configuration is required. Please find below path for the same:

Config Path: Quality Management -> Quality Inspection -> Make Settings for Copy of Inspection Results

If entry for Inspection type & Plant combination exists then modify accordingly, else create new entry by clicking on "New Entries". Select the values as shown in the image below.

Note: Here scenario of manually copying inspection lot results from one lot to other is explained, so the values are selected accordingly. One can select the values as per own requirement.

Master Data

One can create the required master data for inspection lot creation like MIC, Sampling Procedure, Task List, etc. Only important change in task list is to update "Origin Results Data". To do this, click on Characteristic Overview button of the task list, Select the row & click on "General Data" button.

By default "Origin Result Data" is blank, as per requirement select required origin from the available options.

In this scenario option "02 Previous inspection lot" is selected. perform the same for all the MIC & click on Save button.



Now, once new lot gets created, record results of one lot & it can be then copied to other lots. Go to transaction code QE51N & use below steps to copy the results from one lot to other.

Goto Edit -> Copy Inspection Results

Provide the inspection lot number & press Enter.

Select the Checkbox & Click on continue button.

Once done, system will copy the results from previous inspection lot to the current inspection lot.


If the option "Make Settings for Copy of Inspection Results" is not available, you may refer below SAP Note:

1680949 - Customizing or SAP application menu for the "Copy Inspection Results" function is missing


This functionality can be used to reduce the efforts required to preform result recording.


Note: Any suggestions, modifications, improvements are always welcome.


Happy Learning!!! 🙂
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