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Below are the important steps to convert repetitive manufacturing processes into discrete manufacturing processes:

  1. Delete all the unnecessary demand and run MRP. So that all the open planned orders will be deleted from the system.

  2. Finish all the production bookings in MFBF, so that there's no more cancellation. Ensure all the reprocessing records are processed successfully that are lying in MF47(if any).

  3. Coordinate with costing team to process Overhead calculation/ WIP calculation/ Variance calculation & Settlement of the product cost collectors.

  4. Set the deletion flag for the product cost collector in KKF6N once the cost balance is zero.

  5. Uncheck the ‘REM Allowed’ indicator in the production version and Save the production version.

  6. Select the required production version and delete.

  7. Remove the REM profile, REM allowed indicator, and Action control from the material master for which REM to Discrete conversion is required.


  1. C223- Not able to delete the production version.

      2. MF47- Clear the COGI/ Post processing error.



     3.  MF45- Clear reprocessing components: Rep.Manuf.(Cross checking)


                                       Order settlement process

4.  KKAS- WIP Calculation

Maintain below input data and click execute.


5. KKS6- Variance calculation.

Maintain below input data and click execute.


6.  KK87- Actual settlement- product cost collector.

Maintain below input data and click execute.


Master data changes

7.  KKF6N change – Product cost collector.

Edit> Deletion flag> Set and Save.


8. C223 or MM02- MRP4 Production version.

 Uncheck Rem allowed, remove production line, click continue and save.

       9. Select the relevant production version, click the delete button, and save.

      10.  MM02- MRP4 View

Uncheck Rep mfg, remove rem profile, remove action control, and save.

Please comment on an additional information if we have any.


Thanks and Regards,