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A question was recently asked about how to read the various values from the QPMK (Master inspection characteristics), table.  One of the keys for understanding the values is knowing how to read the field QPMK-STEUERKZ.  This is a 30 character text field and when you display it, it looks like a jumble of X's and miscellaneous characters.   However, this field is very important to QM and the master inspection characteristics.  SAP uses this field to store all the control indicators related to a master inspection characteristic, (MIC).

It is often very valuable to understand how to use this field to find out certain things about the MIC's in the system.  Unfortunately, I have never seen an SAP help file or document that provides the means to decode this field and all the values for each character position.  I searched before writing this document and found several threads that explained parts of it and a few that had a list of the indicators, (actually, mostly old threads in various forums where I had responded!).  But I didn't really find a good, complete document.  So I though it was time to put one up.

Knowing how to use this field can be especially valuable during spec writing, programming, data gathering, troubleshooting, verification of data loading, report writing, data analysis, and exporting to Excel or other external application, etc...

If you look at the field QPMK_STEUERKZ in any table view transaction you'll see something like the screen shot below.

Each character of the field has meaning for a specific control indicator.  In most cases, the indicator is either selected (X) or not (null).  In a few cases, other characters might be used to indicated specific choices.

(Yes.. I know.. SAP could have just assigned 30 more single character fields to the table, given really nice help files on each field, and saved us a lot trouble from having to break this field apart and determine all the values for ourselves when ever we need to write a program.  But they didn't, so get over it.  Plus it helps to keep consultants in business.)

Over the years, I have decoded MOST of the positional characters, but not all of them.  Some of the character positions I believe are not used and could be utilized for future releases.  Below is my list of the positions, their meaning, and notes on any special characters or usage that I am aware of.

Please... if you can add more information about any of the character positions or how they are utilized, or if you think I've gotten any of these wrong, PLEASE, let me know with a comment or message.  I will be sure to update the chart and credit the person making the contribution.  It would also be nice for folks to leave comments on how they used this info.  Was it in a report?  Data extraction?  etc..

Thanks!  I hope you find this information valuable.


Character position




Quant or Qual charac

X is quant, Null is Qual.


Record measured Values

X or Null, (set to null if 1 is qual)


Characteristic Attributes

X or Null


Upper Spec

X or Null


Lower Spec

X or Null


Target Value

X or Null



= is Fixed, > is Larger, < is smaller, Null is No Scope**


Long term inspection

X or Null


Recording type

+ is individual, null is summarized, - is no recording, * is classed recording



Null is no documentation

. (period) is doc required if rejected

+ is doc required


Charac. req. or not

X is required, Null is optional, + is after acceptance, - is after rejection


Synchronization is Active

X or Null


Additive charac.

X or Null


Destructive charac.

X or Null



Null is no formula, X is calculated chara, 1 is input processing


Sampling proc. Required

X or Null


Scrap Share/Q score

X or Null



X or Null – Ctrl indicators can not be changed


Record # defects

X or Null – Allows recording of # of defects in addition to # of nonconforming units



X or Null  - For control stations – Not QM relevant



X or Null  - Can Change specs


Test Equipment

X or Null


Defects recording

X or Null


RR Change Docs

X or Null


SPC charac.

X or Null



Null is print, X – Do no print, * is do not print at skip


Parameter Characteristic

X or Null  - Can be used as a Parameter characteristic


Process Characteristic

X or Null  - Characteristic of a the process





* Inferred from Table TQ27 and related F1 help.  I was not able to directly verify these fields by setting up MIC's to reflect these values and then verify directly in the table QPMK.  But I believe them to be correct. - Using the TQ27 to figure out the ones I had missing was suggested by Martin Hinderer.  Thanks Martin for the suggestion to help fill in some of the fields.

** updated from information from marc.werner.  Thanks Marc!

******************************************************************************************************************This document is not intended for distribution, publication or for use on internet sites other than by SAP.  Written permission for use must be obtained from the original author or SAP.  If you are seeing this document on a site other than via SAP.COM please report the pirated use of this material to SAP or the author. ******************************************************************************************************************
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