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Dear All,

By default SAP having wonderful option in Inventory Transfer - ItemCode field(Press Ctrl + Tab).

This option will help you in below scenario:

  1. Quality process after purchase
  2. Returnable Gate Pass

You can set Process flow in below method for "Quality after purchase "

  1. Create 2 warehouse Stores, Quality
  2. While create GRN user have to select Quality warehouse.
  3. After ADD "Goods Receipt PO" then go to inventory transfer , press ctrl + tab in "Item code" field
  4. Select Document Type as "Goods Receipt PO" and Receipt warehouse as "Quality warehouse" click OK
  5. In "Open Quantity" field you can see the pending quantity from Quality department. Select which you want to approve
  6. Once you select , system will pick the Details automatically in to Inventory transfer. Now you can Add it.
  7. Again if you press ctrl + tab in the "Item code" field you can see only the pending lines which is need to approve by quality department.

You can set Process flow in below method for "Returnable Gate Pass "

  1. Scenario: Some items will go out from the company on returnable basis to various BP's , for this you can use the below scenario
  2. Create one warehouse "Service"
  3. Create one Inventory transfer as below
  4. In "Block No" field assign this FMS "SELECT $[$7.0.0]" and auto refresh on Itemcode
  5. Now you can add the document. (Now item has sent out from the factory for some reason on Returnable reason)
  6. After some time , item has comeback,
  7. Go to Inventory Transfer and Press "Ctrl +  Tab" in Item code field, you can see below screen
  8. Now Assign the FMS in "Block Number From" field "SELECT T0.[CardName], T0.[CardCode] FROM OWTR T0 WHERE Isnull(T0.[CardCode],'') <> '' GROUP BY T0.[CardName], T0.[CardCode]"
  9. Now , choose Document Type as "Inventory Transfer" and Receipt Warehouse from as "Service" and Block Number "Choose the Customer using FMS" and click OK. Now you can see only pending items from that customer.
  10. Select the item which you received and ADD the inventory transfer.
  11. Again if you press ctrl + tab in the "Item code" field you can see only the pending lines from the selected customer.

Any questions or if anyone has any tips for me please post below.

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