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We live in dynamic times with companies buying and selling subsidiaries frequently.  For companies that are already on SAP it becomes a project then to add acquisitions.  I've developed a spreadsheet that includes all the configuration changes that are required for adding a new company code to your structure.  Of course this does not include any customization but these are the standard configuration items to take under consideration when adding a new company code.

I have the process divided into six sections:

  1. Enterprise Structure - Part 1

  2. FI Configuration - Part 2

  3. SD Configuration - Part 3

  4. Logistics - General - Part 3

  5. AR & AP - Part 4

  6. Materials Management - Part 3

As you move through the process some items may have already been set-up in a previous step but it's good to check and make sure its been set up properly.

Enterprise Structure

  • OX15 - Define Company(Trading Partner)

  • OX02 - Create Company Code

  • OX16 - Assign Company Code to Company

  • OX06 - Maintain Controlling Area

  • OX19 - Assign Copmany Code to Controlling Area

  • OB45 - Create Credit Control Area

  • OB38 - Assign Company Code Credit Control Area

  • OX10 - Define, copy, delete, check Plant

  • OX18 - Assign Plants to Company Code

  • OX08 - Maintain Purchasing Organization

  • OX01 - Assign Purchase Organization to Company Code

  • OX17 - Assign Purchasing Organizastion to Plants

  • OX09 - Maintain Storage Locations

  • OVX5 - Define Sales Organization

  • OVX3 - Assign Sales Organization to Company Code

  • OVX6 - Assign Sales Organization - Distribution Channel

  • OVXA - Assign Division to Sales Organization

  • OVXD - Define Shipping Point

  • OVXC - Assign Shipping Point to Plant

  • OVXI - Define Distribution Channel

  • OVXK - Assign Distribution Channel to Sales Org

  • OVXG-Set up sales area-Links Sales Org-Dist Chanel-Div

  • OVX8 - Check Enterprise Structure

Again these are the key standard set ups when you are configuring a new company code.  Once you have all this completed in the Enterprise Structure grouping in IMG you have the shell to continue completing the rest of the configuration.  In my next write up I'll discuss and list configuration required in just the FI module.
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