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Many times I come across post asking information on how to fetch data for characteristic value out of configurable material from a sales order item, material variant, or all characteristic values for a specific material etc.

There are many tables which stores this relationship , and in variant configuration its not one way to fetch this information.

I tried to list down al tables related to variant configuration in my previous post. List of Tables for VC

Here i am trying to show linkages using a example from material master, how all classes, characteristic & there respective values can be fetched step by step.

Based upon your requirement you can provide this table-field information to developer and a report can be written using this logic.

Lets start,

Material BIKE

Classification View

Table INOB, input – OBJEK = Material Number (BIKE) , get


KSSK input OBJEK and get CLINT, ADZHL, and ZAEHL

Go to KLAH, Input CLINT captured from KSSK

Go To SWOR, input CLINT from KSSK

To get characteristic associated with class

Go to KSML, Input CLINT and get internal characteristic number,

To know name of characteristic go to CABN, input IMERK or ATINN,

To fetch all possible values of characteristic go to CAWN, input ATINN

To fetch value description , go to CAWNT , input internal characteristic number & internal counter

For getting characteristic values maintained in classification view at material master level

Go To AUSP, input OBJEK which is CUOBJ from INOB

Important note http://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/1547034

Hope this information  will be useful, Please do comment and rate this document.

Best Regards



all Screens are captured from SAP IDES ( SAP ECC 6.0, release ) , all master data is created by me

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