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Hi Team,

Below are the Steps for Configuration for Availability Check in Sales and Distribution Module.

Configurations at IMG level [Basic Functions/TOR & Av. Ch]

  1. S.No


Examples/ Remarks



Checking Group

Ex : 01 for Coll. Req.

        02 for Ind. Req.


Define Checking Group and specify whether check to be carried out and set for Individual/Collective requirements.


Requirement Class

Ex – For Requirement Class 041.

Switch on Availability Check for the Requirement Class.


Schedule Line Category

Ex : For CP, C1 etc.

Switch on Availability Check at Schedule Line Category level.


Control for Availability Check

Checking Rules are predefined in SD.

Ex : A for SD Order

        B for SD Delivery       


Assign Checking Rule to Checking Group and define the scope of Availability Check. The scope includes various stock [safety, transfer etc], Inward/Outward movements, RLT etc.

Other Settings


Default Value

Ex : FERT + Plant1000  

        = Ch. Gr. 01.

Checking Group set for [Material Type + Plant ] as default value. Used only if not mentioned in MMR.


Material Block

A –Order, B – Delivery Note, C-Reservation. These initiators cannot be changed.

Block indicator can be activated if others have to be blocked from carrying out Av. Ch while it is being checked.


Item Category

Ex : REN can be switched off.

Availability Check can be activated or deactivated at Item Category level.


System Responses

Ex : A dialog box for selecting one time / complete / delevery proposal.

Based on Sales Area, system responses can be set in Av. Ch. Rule, should there be no/insufficient stock[after Av. Ch].

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