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Hi All

I was trying from a quite while working with the inbound idoc with message type COND_A to update the condition record for a condition table .

But i found that the material and plant values were not getting updated in the condition record even if the idoc is getting posted successfully .

Let us have a look on this in detail .

Case 1:

MATNR and WERKS not updating in condition record for a condition table

Idoc with out entering VAKEY field in segment E1KOMG

Var.key is not entered with any value ,and rest of the fields were entered with its required values such as MATNR , cond type , usage , cond table and country code and KBETR field - which is the duty rate value .

Idoc posted succesfully .

But still when we check the cond record for condition table below we can see that the material and plant werent updated .

(I have used the same material code for testing succesful case , but in general this wont get updated in record).

This is because filed VAKEY is not populated with any value , which is a combination of Country code+plant +material = ALAND+WERKS+MATNR .

Once this is entered a value with above combination , then the condition records will get updated through idocs .:)


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