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The below i explained the concept of Invoicing plan and advantages of this.

Invoicing Plan : The concept of invoicing plan is preplanned or schedule the desire dates for planned procurement invoices without receiving invoices from vendor.

So, In invoicing plan you don't wait for invoices from vendor's ,the system will generates invoices automatically for scheduled dates.

In Po, system will creates the  desired dates for the invoices with amount based on Valid from and Valid To and invoicing plan type. For these Po's there is NO GR. So, we also called as  special type of planned procurement for non- stock materials because the materials are non stock materials. System will generates the invoices for Po scheduled dates automatically and Once release the invoices payment will be done. It is also possible to enter the invoice for an invoicing plan manually.

Based On PO data system will creates invoices  automatically. Invoicing plan is help ful to users, do not wait each time for the vendor to submit an  invoice for goods or services performed.

Invoicing plan is helpful for the  regularly repeated Procurement  transactions  like Rental, leasing and also for invoicing of highly invested  material or projects involving the procurement of external services that are to be subject to stage payments such as construction projects and building projects.

There are two kinds of invoicing plan 1) Periodic invoicing plans

                                                     2)Partial invoicing plans.

Simple explanation, For Periodic invoicing plan - Payment of total amount effected at regular intervals. Ex : Vehicle leasing ( payments monthly) , Ground lease

                              For Partial   invoicing plan - Total amount paid in installments. Ex : Market Survey total budget 2 lacs , 50000 is to paid upon completion of the initial analysis, 40000 after the survey has been carried out, and the rest, amounting  to 1,10,000,upon submission of the final report.

Pre Requisites :

1) AutoEvalGRSetmt Del. indicator must be set in vendor master record.

2) Tax code and Terms of payment must in PO

3) IR indicator and ERS Indicator must be set in PO.

4) Both GR indicator and GR Non valuated Indicator should be set or not set

5) Account assignment is must.

6) SAP recommends the Frame work order type (FO document type) in PO.

Main advantage of invoicing plan is Automatic Settlement Option to generate invoices in background on the relevant dates.

It is necessary to enter the valid start date, but it is not necessary to enter validity end date you can enter later also.

The automatic settlement happens using transaction MRIS

Path : Material Management ----> LIV ----> automatic settlement ----> MRIS -invoicing plan settlement.

Important Configuration steps For Invoicing plans :

1) Number Range should be maintain for document type RD and RS in OMRJ

2) Number range interval assign to Transaction RD and RS.

SPRO --> Material Management --> Logistics Invoice Verification --> Incoming Invoice --> Number Assignment --> Maintain Number Assignment for Logistics Documents --> Transaction - Assign Number Range

3)Once the Invoice is posted, the settlement documents are sent to vendor automatically in print, email or fax form. The below mentioned Message Determination configuration is required for this action.

  SPRO --> Material Management --> Logistics - Invoice Verification --> Message Determination --> Maintain Message Types

Out put type INS, you should configure for this output type.

You should maintain condition record

               For out put type INS

For assigning smart form to out put type INS, SPRO --> Material Management --> Logistics - Invoice Verification --> Message Determination --> Maintain Message Types

select INS and click on Processing routines in left side

assign Program RM08NAST to smart form .

Important points :

1) The account assignment category cannot be changed once you have created the item. Only the detailed data dependent on the account assignment category, such as the specification of the cost center in the case of account assignment category K, can be changed at any time.

2) The invoicing plan settlement run can be carried out either online or in the back ground.

3) Further information on Problem with invoicing plans can be found in Note 499523.

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