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Alternative sequence

Alternative sequences contain operations that replace the operations in the standard sequence. They are used for example if
  • the production process in the order is changed for certain lot sizes or
  • alternative capacities are available that can be used as alternatives in the case of capacity bottlenecks

    Now in the following screen shot it describes the standard sequence of Operation and the alternative sequence of operation.

    Alternative Sequence of Operation is valid for the lot size 500 to 99999999. the branch operation is 0030 and the return operation is 0040.

    Standard Sequence of Operation

    Alternative Sequence of operation

    Graphical Overview of Operation

    So the above screen shot shows that the product can be produced either using the standard sequence of operation 0010-->0020--->0030--->0040--->0050 or else

    using 0010--->0020--->0035(single operation in the alternative seq)--->0050(Thread Cutting).

    Production Order Creation

    Ensure in the Order type dependent Parameters the necessary configuration setting is included for the alternative sequence and in the below screen shot

    sequence exchange value is set as 1-Always Automatic selection by lot size of alternative sequence.

    Now in the below screen shot the order quantity is entered as 600,

    In the operation overview of the production order the system automatically copies the sequence of operation as 0010-->0020--->0035--->0050.

    Similarly for an order quantity of 100,the system copies the standard sequence of operation, that's 0010--->0020--->0030--->0040-->0050.

    Scenario 2:

    In case if in the alternative sequence no lot size is maintained means(default from 1 to 99999999) then in the order type dependent parameters maintain the value

    for sequence exchange as 2 - Manual selection,then during production order creation, the system issues the following popup to choose the sequence of


    If No is selected means, then the system copies the standard sequence of operation and if Yes is selected then the alternative sequence of operation gets

    copied into the production order.

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