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Hi Team,

In this blog post, we will explore the distinctions in confirmation processes tailored to specific industries within SAP PP.

Discrete Industry Process Industry Repetitive Industry
Purpose: In discrete manufacturing, confirmations are used to record the actual completion of manufacturing operations for individual products or product variants. Purpose: In process industries (e.g., chemicals, pharmaceuticals), confirmations are used to record the completion of batch production following specific recipes or formulas. Purpose: In repetitive manufacturing, confirmations are used to record the production of standard products or assemblies on a continuous basis.
--> Confirmation typically includes recording the actual quantities produced, labor hours, machine time, and materials consumed for a specific manufacturing order.
--> It is often performed at work centers or production lines.
--> Quality checks and inspections may be part of the confirmation process.
--> Confirmation involves recording precise data such as batch quantities, raw material usage, process parameters, and quality measurements.
--> It often includes batch-specific data like pH levels, temperature, and pressure.
--> Compliance with regulatory standards and quality control is critical.
--> Confirmation often involves recording output quantities and times for production runs.
--> It may include scrap or rework information.
--> Confirmations are typically recorded in large volumes and are used for production efficiency tracking.
Transaction Codes:
Enter Time Ticket for Production Order: Transaction code CO11N.
Enter Production Order Confirmation: Transaction code CO15.
Cancel Production Order Confirmation: Transaction code CO13.
Transaction Codes:
Enter Time Ticket for Process Order: Transaction code COR6N.
Enter Process Order Confirmations: Transaction code CORK.
Cancel Process Order Confirmation: Transaction code CORS.
Transaction Codes:
REM Confirmation - Transaction  Variant : None : Transaction Code MFBF.
Document-Specific Cancellation of Confirmation: Transaction Code MF41
Discrete confirmations deal with complex or customized products Process confirmations involve standard products or batches Repetitive confirmations involve standard products or batches
Discrete confirmations often capture production quantities and resource usage. Process confirmations include precise batch-related data and quality parameters. Repetitive confirmations focus on production quantities and efficiency.
Regulatory Compliance: Not Madatory Regulatory Compliance: Process industries have strict regulatory requirements, so process confirmations must comply with these standards. Regulatory Compliance: Not Madatory

Conclusion :

Here we get clear idea about difference between Confirmation in Industry Specific.
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