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Hello Community,

Hope everyone is doing well!!!

There is a common issue which has been reported by production users, that I want to discuss with you all here which is related to Bulk material (Like Grease, Cotton or Glouse etc).


First let me throw some information regarding Bulk material-

In a layman language we can tell like, Bulk material are used in production area like grease, Cotton waster, emulsions, oils and Glouse etc. These materials will be treated as consumables and hence it will be considered in consumable cost. If we include this Bulk material in BOM as a BOM component then it will not be accounted for product costing.

Based on SAP standard functionality, Bulk materials cannot be considered for Standard Cost Estimation. If we tries to include this Bulk material for cost estimation then system will ignore this items. Bulk materials can be issued against the cost center with 201 movement type. Very important, point we have to consider is Bulk materials cannot be issued against process/Process order from stock and it cannot be traceable at batch level.


Material will be set as a bulk material in material master at MRP 2 view and at BOM item level,

MRP 2 view-

MRP 2 View of Material Master


BOM Item level,

BOM Item Level


Now we will look into the issue at transaction level that is during automatic batch determination of production order components.

Against material, if the above said indicator (Bulk Material) at any level either MRP2 view or BOM item level has been activated then inside production order components below red rounded field will be get activated automatically.

Process/Production order component screen


Note- Bulk material cannot be backflushed from stock into production order.

User sometimes knowingly or unknowingly activate this bulk material indicator insider order. If we will try to forcefully activate this indicator here then system will show below error message,

Order Component


As I mentioned earlier on this blog, Bulk materials is not relevant for costing.

If we remove the Relevant to costing indicator inside production order then Backflush indicator will be greyed out.

Order Component


Now we have tried to Release the order, here system will successfully releases the order but the automatic batch determination for components will not work.



Please make a note that, If Bulk material indicator is activated against process/production order components, then automatic batch determination process will not happen.


I had tried my way to brief about the issue, Hope in future at some point of time during your consulting career you will get this useful blog.

Please follow me for more such interesting blog. Looking forward for your beautiful comments and supports always.


Akash Acharya


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