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Common Errors in APP (Automatic Payment Program)

Common errors encountered while executing F110 (APP) and resolutions are listed out here, hope these are helpful to troubleshoot the errors.

1) No valid payment method found

Maintain payment method in vendor master or in the invoice. Payment method has to be maintained at either in vendor master or in the vendor invoice

2) Company codes XXXX do not appear in proposal XX.XX.2011 XXXX( Run date & Identification)

Please check if you have any open items for the vendors or not for the dates you are running proposal. Check with FBL1N report for the chosen vendor. This is telling you that F110 could not find any records that meet those criteria. As it is a generic message and the error can be because of any reasons or combination of multiple reasons.

A review of the additional log should help you to identify exact reason for not selecting a particular invoice.

3) Payment in Currency XXX, payment method X: No valid payment procedure

The payment program could not find a combination of payment method and house bank account with which the payment can be carried out.

You might have restricted the payments for a particular currency/ currencies; you may have to change currencies restrictions if required.

4) Account XXXXXX XXXX (Vendor Account number and Company code) blocked by Payment proposal XX.XX.2011 XXXX (Run Date & Id)

Once you make a proposal for a vendor, you cannot create another proposal for the same vendor unless and until first one is completed i.e. payment run is over. Unless payment run is over, vendor is locked for another proposal

Option1: complete the earlier proposal and continue the current proposal

Option2: Delete the earlier proposal and continue the current proposal

5) Minimum amount has not been reached

If your vendor due amount is less than threshold minimum amount, then your invoice will go into exception list in F110. That means that the amount less than the minimum amount specified in the configuration will not be paid.

Exception is that if the payment method is maintained in the invoice, system will not consider the minimum amounts. That means you can pay the amounts less the minimum amount by giving the payment method at invoice level.

6) Account or Invoice is blocked for payment

Item is blocked for payment means that the Invoice is blocked for payment. You need to manually unblock the invoice or wait for it to get unblocked. Account is blocked for deletion means that the vendor is blocked for payment remove the block in XK02 transaction or see it is flagged for deletion in XK05

7) Required details are no maintained in Vendor Master

If you select the Street/PO Box Postal Code, Bank Account number as mandatory in the FBZP Configuration and those details are not maintained in the vendor master system throws an error.

😎 No pymt possible because items with a debit bal.still exist; see job log ( Contributed by niranjan.yandamuri2 ravisankar.venna)

If a vendor has debit balance, it will be shown under exception list with this message. Automatic payment program will pay a vendor with credit balance only.

If there is a debit balance on vendor due to any down payment, that needs to be adjusted while making the payment for invoice. Otherwise, only making payment to invoices would be incorrect and the down payment would remains the same on the account.

Therefore, it needs to be configured in FBZP.

==> All Company Codes

Include the special G/L indicators to be paid. Then they will also be selected within the payment and the invoice amount would be adjusted accordingly.

9) Withholding tax information missing from line items ( Contributed by aniruddhab.mahalle )

This error is because, if we update some with-holding tax parameters in vendor master after posting some vendor transactions.

In order to resolve this error, follow these steps:

  1. Delete the payment proposal in F110 transaction in which the aforesaid error occurred.
  2. Go to SAP transaction SA38 and enter the program name: RFWT0010
  3. In the next screen, mention the affected vendor or range, mention your company code, mention the date specifications, select following options as per your requirement
  4. Add new with-holding tax types
  5. Copy with holding tax codes from master record
  6. Also down payment and partial payments with with holding tax codes
  7. Do not enter withholding tax code
  8. Delete w/tax no longer relevant.

Check the result in 'TEST' mode first and then do the update run.

Again generate the payment proposal in transaction F110 and now we can edit (reallocate) the items which were affected earlier due to the withholding tax error.

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