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The analysis of line items is really common for CO and PS Objects and SAP system provided us transaction codes to analyze these documents items for all objects that we can find in CO and PS. Follow most used transaction where you can be familiar with them:

Cost centersKSB1 - KSB2
OrdersKOB1 - KOB2 - KOB4
Projects (and networks)CJI1 - CJI3 - CJI4
Cost objectsKVBI - KVBO - KKCS - KRMI
Business processesCPB1 - CPBP

It is also common to receive user request to improve these information such as authorization control, new columns on these reports, etc.

The Enhancement COOMEP01 - CO-OM: Information system -> line item reports was defined by SAP to help us with these requirements.

Components and Functions

You can find a list of 9 function modules for different purposes:

001EXIT_SAPLKAEP_001Line Item Reports in Actual: Customer-Specific Fields in Display Variant
002EXIT_SAPLKAEP_002Line Item Reports in Plan: Customer-Specific Fields in Display Variant
003EXIT_SAPLKAEP_003Line Item Reports in Commit.:Customer-Specific Fields in Display Variant
004EXIT_SAPLKAEP_004Line Item Reports Budget: Customer-Specific Fields in Display Variant
005EXIT_SAPLKAEP_005Line Item Reports in Actual: Customer-Specific Authorization Check
006EXIT_SAPLKAEP_006Line Item Reports in Plan: Customer-Specific Authorization Check
007EXIT_SAPLKAEP_007Line Item Reports in Commitment: Customer-Specific Authorization Check
008EXIT_SAPLKAEP_008Line Item Reports Budget: Customer-Specific Authorization Check
009EXIT_SAPLKAEP_009Line Item Reports: Customer-Specific Preparation of Lists

For better understand of these components, let´s group them by category and needs and we can defined that using the following question: WHAT you need to do and WHERE you need to do:



Actual Line ItemsPlan Line ItemsCommit Line ItemsBudget Line Items
Add or Change report information001002003004
Perform additional authorization check005006007008
Change the output list009009009009


For example, an user requested us to add the receiver WBS of a transfer budget in budget in CJI1 transaction code report.

Answering previous questions to identify which component we should use to attend this requirement:

WHAT: Add information (receiver WBS of a transfer budget)

WHERE: CJI1 - Budget Line Items Report

So, we could use enhancement component EXIT_SAPLKAEP_004 to attend this business requirements.

Since we need to add new field in the report, check the changing tab of the FM to identify the parameter and the type to maintain and append the structure that you need:

After changed the structure, you can add your source code to add the new fields the information that you need:

In the example above we are getting the partner object for transferred budget document between (VORGA KBUS or KBUE)