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SAP support for us Business ByDesign users & partners, as well as support for the SAP Portals (how many are there...!!!) seems to be suffering, perhaps SAP has fallen victim to its own Cloud success?

I can think back to when I was an SAP employee, when I needed a solution to issues/problems in ByDesign, I just needed to create the incident in my ByDesign tenant, sit back and wait, for a few hours,or sometimes upto a day, depending on its severity. I thought this was perfectly acceptable, and if our customers were getting the same then everything in the garden would be rosy!

Now, after some time away from pre-sales and customer projects, I am back at the coalface, and I'm more than a little concerned about the support we now have.

Let me explain my current situation..

I have 3 major projects currently underway. Each one of those projects has caused me on 4 or 5 occasions in the last few weeks to raise incidents for my customers in their ByD tenants.

Of course this all went swimmingly, and I received email acknowledgements of the incidents in reasonably short time, and filled me with confidence that I would get a resolution.

Now I am getting email updates along the lines of "We have started processing your incident" and most worryingly I get "We have proposed and solution. please check you incident shortly for an update". When I have checked my updates in the relevant tenants, there is no update!!!!

Timescales to response seem to be stretching too, and with that the frustration grows! I am also surprised to find out I am getting support from Brazil.

So the conclusion to my ramblings is, does anyone else feel that the ByD cloud support is starting to creal at the seams or is it just a glitch?

What is more frustrating though, is the continued saga of access to the ByDesign buying center for me....

For some reason or other, last Monday 19th Nov, my access was limited to that of a prospect. Hmm, I thought, strange! but I knew that scn.sap.com had been undergoing maintenance that weekend, probably connected.

I raised a support ticket from the business center, I heard nothing for 7 days, I had to chase, they couldnt find my ticket in their support system, even though I called the support number given, and gave the system generated ticket number from the business center. I finally got a resolution today (27th Nov). I hate to think the impact this could have had, had I needed some project resource, access to the buying center etc etc.

What's the point of a help system if no one responds?

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