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Managing Customer Experience:

While an unhappy customer might start to ring alarm bells, most of the successful companies see it as an opportunity to resolve the complaint and keep the customer loyal. In fact, 73% of customers say they stay loyal to brands because of friendly customer service agents. (HubSpot, 2021).

So, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate to your customer in a much more direct and personal way that their feedback is important, and you care about the outcome.

But it’s not just about preventing unhappy customers from becoming detractors – it’s equally useful to follow up with neutral customers and turn them into promoters.

Sample Use-Case from OTC:

In a sales cycle, once an order is delivered to a customer, a survey is sent out to capture their Experience (X-Data). Each survey response is linked to a Transaction (O-Data) that took place between the Organization and the Customer.

Using these X & O Data together can help Organizations optimize various processes that might be adversely affecting Customer’s Experience and potentially converting them into Detractors. For example:

  1. Was the ordering process easy for the customer?

  2. Was the delivery efficient?

  3. Was the quality of product/service delivered as per their expectation, etc.


Other possible use cases can be:

  1. Feedback from the customer on the Ordering Process.

  2. Feedback once the order has been confirmed.

  3. Feedback during and/or after the Invoicing and Billing is complete, etc.

Technical Architecture:

Below diagram shows one of the ways how S4 and Qualtrics can be integrated to work together to close the Experience Gap.

Technical Architecture Diagram

Solution Overview:

Once an event gets completed in S4, Transaction Data (O-Data) from S4 is pushed into Qualtrics. A survey gets triggered from Qualtrics to the relevant recipients. When a response is received, it captures the Experience Data (X-Data). These X&O Data is then used for further analysis within Qualtrics and an Action Planning can be carried out accordingly to achieve the Pre-Defined Organizational Goals.

Alternatively, a closed loop can be created to raise a Service Order in S4 for Negative Responses and assigned to a Support Team member to follow-up with the customer and close the experience gap.

Data Flow Diagram

Setup in Qualtrics:

  1. A Survey is created in Qualtrics to capture the Customer Experience for a Specific Business Use Case:

  1. A JSON Event is created in Qualtrics, which carries out the below tasks:

    1. Add an Interaction to the Customer Contact in XM Directory

    2. Trigger relevant surveys to the recipients

  1. Once we have the relevant X&O data, we can then utilize them to prepare the vocalize dashboard within Qualtrics to provide powerful insights to the Buyer Organization:

Setup in S4:

For API call, following set up were required first:

  1. Two RFCs were created:

    1. First RFC is setup with target host as ‘https://yourbrand.qualtrics.com’ and path prefix as ‘/API/v3/directories/{DirectoryID}/mailinglists/{MailingListID}/contacts?pageSize=50'. This RFC is important to make connection as it has full API URL. So, it can be used to get or post data through API call. Once data is received or posted using this RFC, then we can use other RFC with blank path prefix which can be added in report.

    2. Second RFC ‘QUALTRICS1’, only has target host as ‘https://yourbrand.qualtrics.com’ and no path prefix.

  2. Qualtrics Certificate was installed using STRUST T-Code in below folders:

    1. SSL server Standard

    2. SSL client SSL Client (Anonymous)

    3. SSL client SSL Client (Standard)

  3. After this set up a Z-Report was created for making API call.


Business Opportunities:

This solution provides opportunity at below stages:

  1. If a customer has low satisfaction with the process, a support agent can reach out to them to understand the reason for low satisfaction.

  2. This will help enhance the overall experience for the customers, hence closing the experience Gap.

  3. Using historical data, Qualtrics AI can also learn the behavioral patterns and we can use Predict IQ to find out customers which could Potentially Churn.


Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a feedback or post any questions you have in the comments sections!
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