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Hello SAP Finance Community,

Clearing open items of Vendor and Customer.

The automatic clearing of customer and vendor open items proves invaluable in scenarios where a business interacts with the same entity both as a customer and a vendor. This process significantly aids in the month-end closing procedures. Performing this task manually using transactions like F-32 and F-44 can be quite labor-intensive and time-consuming for accountants, particularly when dealing with a substantial volume of documents.

Solution Walkthrough:

The solution walkthrough encompasses both a comprehensive configuration overview and a detailed breakdown of the J3RCALD execution process.


Minimal configuration is necessary to initiate the program. To begin, the initial step involves configuring an additional clearing rule in OB74. In my approach, I've employed BUKRS (Company code) to categorize customer and vendor open items. You can effortlessly insert multiple clearing rules as required.

OB74 Additional Clearing Rules


Prerequisites: -

The following prerequisites must be established in both the Customer and Vendor masters:

  • In the General Customer Master, ensure that the "Supplier Account" is appropriately tagged.

  • In the Company Code settings, activate the "Clearing with Vendor" icon.

Similarly, ensure that corresponding settings are maintained in the Vendor Master data as well.

Customer Master (General Data)

Customer Master (Company code Data)

Vendor Master (General Data)

Vendor Master (Company code Data)


For efficient clearing of customer and vendor open items, follow the steps outlined below:

For a practical illustration, let's consider a customer for whom we have associated a corresponding vendor code in the Business Partner (BP) setup.

As evidenced in the provided screenshot, the open items are demonstrated for the customer with code 2400000044, concurrently displaying an open item corresponding to vendor code 31000008.

FBL5N Overview

J3RCALD Program:

To commence the process of clearing open items, follow these steps:


  • Execute Transaction: J3RCALD

  • Enter the provided parameters as follows:

  • Company Code: 1000

  • Customer: Enter a list of customer codes that necessitate clearing.

  • Key Date: Open items to be retrieved according to the designated key date.

  • Currency: INR

  • Special GL Indicator: Indicate the relevant indicators for advance collections, if applicable.

J3RCALD Selection Screen

Next, scroll down to provide the necessary information:

  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Details

  • Test Run: Click the "Test Run" option to reveal the list of documents slated for clearing.

J3RCALD Second Selection Screen

Now, for the purpose of clearing open items in standard scenarios, where the document date of the latest invoice entry needs to be fetched, follow these steps:

  • Choose the option: "One Invoice to Multiple Payments" - This allows the concurrent clearing of a single invoice against multiple payments.

  • Opt for: "With Residual Items" - In case disparities exist between invoice and collection entries, the system will generate a new document and clear all other outstanding items.

  • Clearing Procedure: EINGZAHL

  • Select: "Sort by Document Date"

  • Indicator: "Invoice Exchange Rate" - Activate this option.

Subsequently, click on the Execute Icon to execute the process.

J3RCALD Third Selection Screen

J3RCALD Output:

The system will present a list of open documents scheduled for clearance.

In the "Cleared" column, the system will indicate the amount reserved for generating a new entry if disparities are detected between invoice and vendor entries.

As demonstrated in the provided screenshot, a new document of Rs. 4,966 will be generated, referencing the invoice document - 2600001133.

J3RCALD Output

Upon reviewing the open documents, proceed as follows:

  • To initiate the clearing of documents, navigate back to the previous screen.

  • Within the "Run Mode" section, opt for the "Call Transaction" option.

  • Subsequently, click on the "EXECUTE" button to execute the clearing process.

J3RCALD Posting Run Selection

The system will proceed to clear the corresponding open items, resulting in the generation of a clearing document.

J3RCALD Posting Run Output

Accounting entry of the clearing document from a general ledger perspective.

Clearing Document FB03: Document Overview


The J3RCALD program proves exceptionally valuable, streamlining the month-end closing process for companies. Its implementation can significantly alleviate the workload of business users who invest considerable time in clearing customer & Vendor open items.

Continuous improvement is a constant endeavor. If you identify any areas for enhancement in this information, please don't hesitate to share. Your feedback is highly valued as it contributes to refining the document. Your insights will be immensely appreciated in aiding further enhancements.

Important SAP Notes:

Here are some pertinent SAP notes related to the J3RCALD functionality:

2471260 – SAP RU-FI: J3RCALD does not clear open items according FIFO method

2971302 – J3RCALD CPS. Incorrect linking with residual items in selection.

2217847 – J3RCALD(K): error when clearing documents with big amount
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