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Problem Statement: -

Whenever there is an Interstate/Inter region STO is executed based on GST rules, Business need to account for IGST Taxes. As this is a unique scenario where in within the same company code we will have open line items for different plant vendors and plant customers. Using a logic clearing with customer and vendor will work only for a single combination of Customer and Vendors but businesses will have transactions across different plants.

Customer Open Line Item:-

Vendor Open Line Item:-



How the issue was addressed: -

To handle the above scenario without involving Bank transactions in SAP, we have functionality to clear the plant customer and plant vendor against each other without maintaining any relationship. We need to use the Transaction Code FB05 with the option Transfer Posting with Clearing. Above documents can be cleared by following the below steps:-

1.Open T Code FB05 and enter the below details :- Document Date, Posting Date, Document Type, Period, Company Code, Currency and Choose option Transfer Posting with Clearing and click Enter

2. Below screen will pop up :- Enter Customer Account and Choose Document number and Other Accounts option and click on Process Open Items Button

3. Below screen will appear :- Enter Vendor Account , Account Type, Company Code and choose Standard Open Items and click on Continue

4. Below screen will open Up :- Enter Vendor and Customer Open Item document numbers for which clearing to be done and click on Process Open Items

5. Below screen will appear and check that difference postings field is not having any balance and Select Document > Simulate option

6. Below screen will open up showing Customer and Vendor balances and click on Post

7. Message will appear as Document was posted in Company Code

Results: - By following the above process Businesses will be able to clear the Plant Customers and Plant Vendors in an Interstate/Inter regional Stock Transport Order process for Country India. In this way the Account Payable and Accounts Receivable Balances as well will give a correct picture.