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This blog post will demonstrate the logic to pass the Characteristic values from Parent to Child Configurator.



In multi-level Configurators, there are requirements to pass the Characteristic values from Parent to multiple Child Configurators. Some scenarios have the requirement to overwrite the Characteristic values at Child level. This requirement can be achieved by using dependency type as explained below.


Example Scenario:

Configurator Charateristic-1 Charateristic-2
Bicycle (Parent Configurator) GEAR_OPTION FRAME_SIZE
Frame (Child Configurator-1) MATERIAL COLOR
Gear (Child Configurator-2) SPEED LEVEL_SHIFTER



Parent Configurator Characteristics GEAR_OPTION and FRAME_SIZE needs to be passed to Child Configurators 1 and 2.

Procedures to be created with the source code as mentioned below and to be assigned in the Configuration profiles of Child Configurators 1 and 2.


Source Code:

$self.GEAR_OPTION ?= $parent.GEAR_OPTION,

$self.FRAME_SIZE ?= $parent.FRAME_SIZE



The below mentioned highlighted values will be passed from Parent to Child Configurators.

If there is a requirement to change the values at Child level, overwritten also possible.



After going through this blog post, the readers will have a clear understanding how the Characteristic values can be passed from parent to child Configurators using procedures.


Request your comments, questions if any please and select like this blog post.
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