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Hello All,

I was facing an issue regarding the necessity to edit the reconciliation account derived from the customer/vendor data without using a SGL indicator.

Many SCN discussion confirm that it’s not possible as in standard the GL account is derived from the customer/vendor master data, nevertheless, there is a “standard” way (no specific development) to edit and select the reconciliation account we need during posting  and without using the SGL indicator:

Here is the steps :

  1. First, specify your GL accounts that you want to choose from, for example let say Recon. Accounts
    • 41110010 (entered in customer master data)
    • 41110011
    • 41110012

  2. check the box on  GL account masetr data  (Create/bank/interest TAB)  “Reconcil.acct ready for input” (Tcode FS00)

3 . If this option is not visible, change your Field status group of your Account group (Tcode OBD4) in “Document entry”

4. Go to transaction S_ALR_87002480 to customize your entries :

For each GL account that will be derived form the customer master data, enter the possible entries you need

That’s All  :smile:

Now when your are posting with FB01 or FB70 for customers invoices, you will have the possibility to change the reconciliation account, the field is editable :smile:

but only accept the GL account entered in the table above (step 4).

My posting can look like :

And GL view :

Voila !

I hope it helps :smile:


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