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Introduction: -

SAP provides change history logs for various transactions, this helps the business in understanding the ‘value that was present earlier’ Vs the ‘changed value’, which used ID changed it & when was it changed.


There was a requirement received by the business (using SAP ECC) where they wanted to check the change logs for multiple documents such as purchase orders in a single report.

There are no standard reports that can help to fulfill this requirement.


Hence, we thought of creating an SQVI joining tables CDHDR & CDPOS, but since these tables are created in SAP ECC as a pool/cluster table, an SQVI for the same is not possible.


Solution: -

Instead of developing a custom report to fulfill this kind of a requirement, the solution to fulfill this  is mentioned below: -


In S4HANA, the change logs can be created using SQVI.

For more details on the SQVI to be created in S4HANA system, kindly refer the below blog by Arghadip Kar.



Apart from creating an SQVI, there is a standard program that SAP has provided ‘RSSCD100’, that helps in displaying the change logs. This program is available in both ECC & S4HANA systems.



The fields such as Object class, Object ID, can be found from CDHDR tables in SAP.

In this example, we are checking the change logs for a purchase order & hence, EINKBELEG is mentioned.


This report would display the contents of CDHDR & CDPOS tables, like old & new values, changed fields, the date & time that the user changed this data.


By changing the object class in the report, this report can be viewed for other data as well apart from purchase orders such as financial documents, budget documents, etc.


A custom T code can be assigned to this program, so that the users can use this report.

By using this current program, we were able to provide a single report that the business could use to check the change logs of Purchase orders, financial documents, etc.



Conclusion: -

A standard program is already available in SAP ECC & S4HANA systems to display the change logs as a report.


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