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Central Payment for SAP Central Finance allows you to make centralized payments and perform centralized clearing activities in the Central Finance system instead of each source system.

It contains the following main features:

  • Activate central payment by company code.

  • For company codes that are activated for central payment, the invoices posted in the source systems are technically cleared. The invoices are replicated to the Central Finance system and are paid there.

  • For company codes that are not activated for central payment, the invoices posted in source systems stay open and are paid in the source systems. The invoices and payment or clearing documents are replicated to the Central Finance system for reporting purpose. The replicated invoices are ruled out from the payment.


This node explains about prerequisite to be complete before activating Central Payment.

  • Activate BC Set FINS_CFIN_AIF_SEPA through T. Code-SCPR20.


1. Activation of Central Payment for Company Codes:

  • Launch transaction SE38

  • Enter FINS_CFIN_APAR_CPAY_SWITCH as the program and choose Execute (F8).




2. Maintain the Customizing table for central payment in the Central Finance system.

  • Launch transaction CFIN_CPAY_CUST - Central Payment Customizing Table.

  • Choose New Entries (F5).

Note: After you save your changes, you cannot delete the entries any more.


3. Activate VAT Configuration Check for Company Codes:

Activate or deactivate the VAT configuration check for individual company codes.



4. Maintain Source Systems and RFC Assignments:

In this Customizing activity, you make settings for the source systems and maintain RFC destinations for the source systems (logical systems). These settings are used for remote function calls (RFC) from the Central Finance system into the source system.

Note: SAP Note 2569803 need to implement if these below getting error in saving.


5. In last we need to reconcile the company code:

Select the Company code & Click on the reconcile button, below screen will appear.



And Here we can see Central payment is activated:



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