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Writing this post to help readers understand the Central Finance capability of replicating and consolidating Material Cost Estimates and share the steps and examples from my working experience.

Material Cost Estimates can be replicated from source system to CFIN. CFIN presents an opportunity for a harmonized and centralized material cost estimate where cost estimates with different structures/components from different source systems (LOBs) can consolidate into a centralized cost estimate in CFIN. Below is on example to help you visualize this capability in CFIN.


Material Cost Replication in CFIN


Replication is via SLT. Listed below are the steps that needs to be carried in CFIN to enable replication of material cost estimates.


Configuration Information
Create Cost Component Structure (Transaction OKTZ)

·       Cost Component Structure should be set-up in CFIN.

·       Only structure is needed to map the source components to target.
Define transfer rule for individual source System, source Controlling area, Costing variant and plant This acts as a filter which determine which cost estimates from source System should be considered for the replication
Define criteria for Costing status and version for the source product cost estimates Only the mentioned statuses are considered if you want no criteria on this parameter then fill it with *
Mapping of these entities related to material cost estimate needs to be in place for the successful replication

·       Cost Component Structure

·       Cost Component Number

·       Costing Variant

  • Create CFIN Cost Component Structure. Please note that only structure needs to be created. You need to carry out other configuration steps to enable replication.


  • Define rule for transfer of cost estimates. Here we define:

    • Source Logical System Id

    • Source Controlling Rea

    • Source Plant

    • Source Costing Variant

  • Map the below entities to enable derivation of target values. This is a value mapping.

    • Cost Component Structure

    • Cost Component Number

    • Costing Variant


  • Transfer can be monitored via AIF. Staging table CFIN_ACCIT_CCS transfers the relevant data to CFIN. Target values are derived via mapping

Replicated Cost Estimate

  • Initial Load of Cost Estimates: For periods prior to start date of ongoing replication an IL for cost estimates can carried out in CFIN. This also happens via SLT.


  • Material cost estimates can also be replicated manually by transaction FINS_CFIN_COST_EST_REPL. This is a direct RFC transfer and doesn’t happen via SLT.


Hope the post was helpful. Please share feedback or thoughts in comments section. You may follow  my profile for similar content.