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With S/4HANA 1909 FPS1 SAP introduced this functionality where central purchase order accruals can be calculated & posted automatically.

It takes help of previously available functionality AVL - Accounting View of Logistics Information which replicates operational data from source systems to the Central Finance system, and then the Accrual Engine on the Central Finance system uses the data of purchase orders to calculate and post accruals.

Before we go to Accrual it is important to highlight that the data in AVL reconciliation should be reconciled else the accrual data will be impacted. Use below standard reports for AVL Reconciliation


FINS_CFIN_DFV_AV_CI for AVL Billing Document

FINS_CFIN_DFV_AV_SO for AVL Sales Document

FINS_CFIN_DFV_AV_SI for AVL Supplier Invoice

FINS_CFIN_DFV_AV_PO for AVL Purchasing Document


Functional Architecture of Central Accrual Management

Data from source is replicated using SLT interface and it passes through mappings. Once the AVL interface is triggered it transfers the data to the S/4HANA system where accrual engine is residing.

In AIF standard interfaces are given under /FINCF namespace for AVL

  • AV_SO,

  • AV_CI,

  • AV_SI and

  • AV_PO

After AVL replicates the Purchase Order Data below actions needs to be taken

  • Transfer Purchase Orders to Accrual Engine

  • Propose Periodic Amounts

  • Review Manually Adjusted Periodic Amounts

  • Approve Periodic Amounts

  • Perform Periodic Posting Runs

Limitation - Purchase orders with account assignment of sales orders are not within the standard scope of Central Accruals Management scenario.

Historical Data can be processed by executing below Program - FINS_CFIN_INI_POSYS

Technical Details - One new field EBELN_LOGSYS (used to retrieve logical system of specific purchasing document) is added to table BSEG and ACDOCA. However for the existing Financial Accounting documents which have already been replicated to the Central Finance system (posted in ACDOCA) prior to this change, the value of this field is initial (empty).

This field needs to be updated for historical data and can be done by applying available standard SAP corrections.

I will share more details around it...


Enjoy reading and dont forget to share your feedback.
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