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  • Number of cash journal business transactions can be created as a part of customizing. Hence it is easy, smooth and fast to make entries in the cash journal.
  • In a two-step procedure, you save the entries in the cash journal before they are transferred to Financial Accounting.
  • If you have the appropriate authorization, you can delete cash journal entries that have been saved.
  • The cash journal is a single-screen transaction. This means that you can enter, display, and change cash journal documents on one screen.
  • Cash journal entry (receipt, payment) can be printed easily. Also cash journal printing is possible.
  • The system automatically calculates and displays the opening and closing balances, and the receipts and payments totals.
  • Cash journal ensures that cash balance cannot go in negative.
  • All cash transactions are available at one place.
  • Cash position can be viewed at any point of time.
  • Cash transactions (receipts, payments) can be easily analysed on daily / weekly / monthly basis.
  • Configuration time is also very less.


  • Separate cash journal has to be created for each currency petty cash.
  • Branch-wise separate cash journal can be maintained.


SPRO > Financial Accounting > Bank Accounting > Business Transactions > Cash Journal

  • FS00 – Create G/L Account for Cash Journal: Ensure post automatically is on, so that posting can take place automatically.
  • OBA7 – Define Document Types for Cash Journal Documents: Standard document type delivered by SAP is SK. New can be created suggest to copy the SK.
  • FBCJC0 – Set Up Cash Journal: Give a Cash Journal Code, GL account, currency, document types.
  • FBCJC1 – Define Number Range Intervals for Cash Journal Documents
  • FBCJC2 – Create, Change, Delete Business Transactions: Enter business transactions based on frequently used postings. E.g. business transaction for Conveyance Expenses. Enter company code, transaction serial number (like 1 or 2). It can be used while posting cash journal transactions in FBCJ. For vendors & Customers GL account need not be given.
  • FBCJC3 – Set up print parameters for cash journal: Enter company code, programme RFCASH**, Variant CASH**, Correspondence SAP18

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