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Why do existing users have the Development Tab but new users do not?

How to enable CDP access

How to hide / unhide development tab

How to control the visibility of the Development tab


Three ways to control the Development tab visibility:

  1. Goal plan permission per use like GM
  2. Admin Tools => Manage Security => CDP Access
  3. Admin Tools => Manage Security => Default User Permissions => CDP Access


  1. Login to the instance and go to Admin Tools
  2. Under: Manage Security
  3. There should be an entry: CDP Access

If you do not see this, and you have purchased the Career Development Plan feature, contact CustomerSuccess to activate CDP for you. Note for Partners & Support:In Provisioning

  • Goal Frameworks
  • Development Plan - requires "Version 10 UI" > Must be checked.In Provisioning

If you DO see CDP Access

You can use this page to grant and remove CDP Access of system users. Users with CDP Access privileges will be able to access CDP functions.

If you would like all employees to be able to access the Development tab, go to:

Manage Security Default User Permissions

Check the box for CDP Access and all users will have the Development Tab.

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