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Introduction: Credit memo is the deduction in the original invoice value. Credit memo is required to post if less goods is delivered, overcharged, Items broken and many more reasons. Objective of this article is to focus on the calculation of the net due date for the credit memo

Net due date = baseline date + credit period

Baseline date means from which date, due date is started to calculate. For example – document date, Posting date, entry date and no default (manual entry).

Credit period means for how many days credit is given. 0 days, 30 days, 45 days.

We use 0002 terms of payment for original invoice posting. 0002 is assigned in the vendor master LFB1-ZTERM field.

In this payment term baseline date is document date and credit period are 30 days.

1.1 Payment Terms and Supplier Master Data


Post Vendor Original Invoice - FB60 and line item display FBL1N

1.2 Vendor line item report after FB60 posting


Scenario - 1

Post vendor credit memo – FB65 and vendor line item report FBL1N

In this scenario document date is considered as baseline line date and net due date also. Document type KG refers to vendor credit memo and document type KR is original vendor invoice. Payment term for credit memo is blank. It is plain credit memo posting without using field Invoice reference or credit payment terms in the vendor master which will be covered in the scenario 2 and 3.

1.3 Credit memo and original invoice posting line item


Scenario -2

Enter original vendor invoice number in the field Invoice reference while posting credit memo. Credit memo inherits/copies original invoice baseline date, credit period, net due date and terms of payment automatically into credit memo.

1.4 Credit memo posting

Scenario -3

We can assign separate terms of payment or same terms of payment as of original invoice in vendor master data in the field credit memo payment terms. In this we are using 0003 payment term for credit memo.

1.5 Credit memo payment terms

Now post vendor credit memo - FB65

1.6 Posting date as baseline and due date is picked


Credit memo payment term given in vendor master is picked during credit memo posting. However, it considers net due date as baseline date and ignores credit period to add in the baseline date to calculate correct net due date. As discussed above, we have selected posting date as baseline date in 0003 payment term.

If we want payment term 0003 works as per setting, we need to add symbol V in the Inv. Ref. field in the credit memo while posting.

1.7 Symbol V is used in the field REBZG


Conclusion: Apart from standard solution for the net due date calculation of credit memo we can do enhancement as well. Please read more article from Procedure to include planned delivery charges in PTP cycle. | SAP Blogs

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Disclaimer - hypothetical company code and description is taken.

Best Regards,

Harihar Kewat


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