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Why do we need to run this Readiness Check?

Well, we need to run this readiness report like all the SAP Migrations (ECC- S4HANA, etc) this is a new readiness report provided by SAP to validate the objects that have customizations extensions etc., to validate the objects that can be migrated to C4C(Sales and Service Cloud) V2 might not have the objects as of now and maybe planned in later release.

What do we need to run this Readiness Check?



1). Raise an Incident to SAP to get the access to this report.


2). Assign the WC to view the Report:

3). View the Readiness Report:

4). Click on Recalculate Objects

5). Click On the Date to get the Information below:


What we get as the Output from this report:

Business Objects used in the system:


Extension fields:


Adaptation Changes:


The add-on solution is your SDK/PDI custom solution:

Seems like Analytical Content cannot be migrated as well:

Language Adaptations: same, No migration:


A note for the SAP Team: None of the Information Links works.

Who needs to run this Readiness Check?

Organisations planning to migrate from C4C V1 to Sales & Service Cloud V2.0.

Organisations migrating from Other CRM systems like Salesforce, Microsoft etc, need not worry. They are getting the Sales & Service Cloud V2.0 as a new IT Product.

Organisations with the first CRM Tool Sales & Service Cloud V2.0 should not be worried about the Readiness reports.

Hope we see a better readiness report soon, which covers most of the Standard Objects in C4C and the Links to suggestion starts working!!