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In this blog post, you will learn about a solution that has been developed for the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020.

* Before Introduce 'C4 : RPA' ...

RPA is a representative technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that can achieve Business Transformation. RPA is already being successfully applied in many business areas.

BSGONE attempted to incorporate these RPA technologies into SAP Business One, the most representative ERP. Thankfully, we were able to achieve a successful outcome.

Now I want to share with you our experience of success.



* Demo Videos of C4:RPA

1.Create Sales Order from PDF (OCR Used)



2.3rd-party Solution Data Interface to SAP ERP



3.Create A/P Invoice with Excel Data



* Solution Description

C4:RPA is an automation service(Robotic Process Automation) that connects various platforms, including SAP. It collects and processes data from types of system, such as EDI, SCM, and POS, and connects with SAP Business One.

We serve more flexible RPA adoption on clients’ business based on our various experience of SAP ERP. It assists workers focus on high value-added task.



* Value Proposition

Innovative – C4:RPA Service is aimed to improve the whole business process across the board to enable our clients to achieve ‘Office Transformation’, beyond simple business automation.

Stability – Without establishing whole new system or changing of legacy system or solutions, C4:RPA can be applied on SW centralized process.

Extensibility – C4:RPA can surely be applied to SAP Business One, but also various 3rd-Party Solutions or multiple business platforms so that easily automate many processes.



* Key Business Metrics

  1. Increased work efficiency through repeated job substitution

  2. Increase employee satisfaction and achieve ‘Work-Life Balance’

  3. Reduce costs and human error



* Solution Details



* Solution Technology

  • SAP Business One

  • SAP HANA Studio

  • AutomateOne (RPA Solution)

  • AWS Cloud Service

  • OCR & ICR, AI Technology, Machine Learning



* Conclusion

We were able to learn many things from these success experiences. I was able to think about how to effectively deal with many forms of mass data sources that occur from a UI perspective. Now, we have a hint from Best Practices, a major strength of SAP ERP.

BSGONE is attempting to standardize on how 3rd party solutions such as Excel facilitate large data processing. By achieving this goal for the year, SAP and RPA can be more closely aligned.

For more, by improving our automated data registration skill (using SAP Service Layer), we would control big data more rapidly and stable.



* Contact

Partner: BSGOne Co., LTD.

Country: Seoul, South Korea

Team Members: 인영문 (Young-Moon In)



For more information about the development challenge, you may refer to the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020.
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