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Back in the 'old days,' there we're only two ways to create a Fixed Asset:

1) Via a Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Invoice, and IR/GR Clearing

2) Directly in the Fixed Assets Work Center

Well, times have changed, and we have a new scenario for creating Fixed Assets directly from a Supplier Invoice. Here's how:

First, you'll need the proper configuration in place. In Product Data, create a Fixed Assets node, and create sub-categories with Product Assignment allowed.

Next, go to Business Configuration > Overview, and search for 'asset.' Select Fixed Asset Classes and either choose View or Change immediately.

Edit your Asset Class Determination so your Fixed Asset Product Categories are mapped to the proper Fixed Asset Class.

Now, create a Supplier Invoice Without Purchase Order, and create two line items, one for each FA Product Category we setup. Fill in all the relevant details like the description, amount, totals, and most importantly, the Product Categories.

Next, select View All, and navigate to the items tab. Choose Account Assignment Type as Individual Material, and click New.

Save and Close

Assign the appropriate Cost Center to the item.

Repeat all steps for the second item.

Save, Post, and Approve the invoice. At this point the Fixed Assets are created and capitalized.


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