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Hello all and welcome to yet another Blog.

Here I will be mentioning a few prospects and functionality of Buyoffs, why is it so important and how it can be used.

In SAP PEO, we have an additional functionality as Buyoffs. Buyoffs are an additional step for the confirmation of an activity.


As mentioned already in my previous blogs. The PEO specific production orders has a structure like below.

It has operations and activities as well. Here the activities are the main execution steps for the production operator instead of the operations.

The production operator is expected to perform the work on the specific activity. And in SAP PEO one of the primary benefit of using activity for performing work is Buyoffs.


What is Buyoffs ?

When an operator performs a task, an additional check is provided in SAP so that the supervisor or the quality team can check the operation (its quality, its comparison with other fitments) and then confirm the operation.

Once the supervising team confirms the Buyoffs, then and only then can the operator start the work for the next activity or operation.

In other terms it is used for supervisor to check the work done for critical fitments or process.

The buyoffs can have many series of approval steps as well from different teams.

An example:

The operator completes a welding operation. Once the operator clicks on post in the activity. It goes to supervisor for checking. The operator has an option to attach attachments as well. (Like picture, pdf file etc)

The Supervisor checks the weld. Once the check is done by the supervisor, the buyoff goes to the quality person for further check. And once the quality person approved the weld quality, only then the activity is confirmed and can the operator work on the next operation or activity.


Capabilities of Buyoffs in SAP

In shop floor routing we have the option to create Buyoffs for a specific activities. This can be done either manually or via template.

The following options are available while creating a buyoff.

Sequence : Preferred in case of multiple Buyoffs

Description : Description for the Buyoff process

Team name : The team responsible for the check

Function : Which team member can work on the buyoff. In the team we need to assign the function to the team members.

Qualification check : An additional check of qualification will be performed from the team members

Skip : The buyoff cycle is not mandatory and can be skipped


Once these data are maintained in the Shop floor routing.

Below information can be checked by the operator working on the activity for the specific production order.


Once the operator performs the activity and posts the activity, the Buyoff notification comes to the specific team under the Manage Buyoffs app.

Here the team member can inspect the activity perform and perform following tasks

Claim : Via claim the Team member can take the Buyoff under their name and start working. As soon as you claim the Buyoff the status of the buyoff changes from OPEN to IN-PROCESS.

Approve : As stated to approve the buyoff

Approve and add : With this you can approve and create a new buyoff for further check as well from different team or different team member

Transfer : If we want to transfer this buyoff to another team or team member

And further are Skip and Reject.

So if the buyoff cycle is used in the production cycle it creates a further layer of check for the activities which will be beneficial from a quality and process perspective.

Thanks for your time. Let me know in comments any feedback or any questions.




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