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Hi Friends,

Within this document, I intend to share in brief on business processes in SAP PM. This will help beginners in basic understanding on processes.


Following are reference processes that show you the SAP EAM options you can use to meet your requirement.

Ø Planned repair task

Ø Immediate repair tasks

Ø After event recording task

Ø Preventive maintenance task

Ø Condition-based maintenance

Ø Refurbishment

Ø Test equipment calibration

1. Planned repair: This can be planned but not predicted, required resources like work centers, materials, external companies can be planned but are only identified when the need arises.

Ex: If a Hydraulic control valve in the process has to be changed.

2. Immediate repair: This cannot be planned or predicted,must react as quickly as possible to a malfunction. Ex; If an elevator in a building gets struck.

3. After Event recording task: Not planned, not predicted, already performed, the order processing has already taken place you just need to enter the data in the system.

Ex: Is a motor has been put into operation again.

4. Preventive maintenance task: Can be planned in respect to content and scheduling.Ex: If test equipment must be recalibrated every 90 days and so on.

5. Condition-based maintenance :

Maintenance activities always performed if one of the measuring points of a technical object exceeds or falls below a threshold value.

Ex:If the temperature has risen too high or fallen too low.

6. Refurbishment:Faulty parts are refurbished internally or externally as per need that is relegated to an operational status.With refurbishment process, you can ensure that material or individual unit has a higher value that it had before.

7. Test equipment calibration: Test equipment such as weighing machines, gauges, etc are used for quality inspection in the intermediate and final checking of products and for checking equipments. To ensure that test equipment being used is always meets the specified performance criteria, it is regularly checked and calibrated.

Apart form the above mentioned processes,we have subcontracting, outsourcing maintenance tasks, shift notes & shift reports, pool asset management, work clearance management, LAM,business processes available in SAP EAM.



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