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Business Processes - Child's Play

I’m watching my 2 year old daughter build a tower with her bricks this morning.

When she started playing with these bricks a few weeks ago, she didn’t get it at all.  She would try to put square bricks on top of triangle bricks.  She would stack them too far to one side and they would topple.  She liked to slam the bricks on top of each other so that the tower never made it higher than three bricks before crashing down.

This morning though, through a method of elimination, she has nailed it.

This morning I watch her gently place each brick, one of top of the other, largest bricks first, dead centre on top of each other and topped with a triangular “roof”.

She has developed a process.  She’s figured out what works best and is happily and patiently putting it into practice.

The Importance of a Good Process

It occurred to me that what I was watching was something not too dissimilar to the evolution of business processes.  Business needs processes to properly function and to generate revenue in the quickest and easiest way.  Processes are important for new businesses to help them analyse their performance and correct errors.  It improves performance, facilitates in the training of new staff and gives some comfort to existing staff that their efforts are being expended in the most efficient way.

Received Wisdom

Not every business has the luxury of time to go through the trial and error process I have watched my daughter go through over the past few weeks.

SAP has built their business around best practice business process – having had the benefit of implementing their software into thousands of businesses and across hundreds of sectors since 1970.  They have identified around 40 end to end business processes which have been built into their software – business ready.

Why go through the trial and error process when someone else has done it for you?

Best Practice – Processes Out the Box

Cofficient have been developing “best practice” starter packs for small and start-up businesses using SAP methodology and our wide ranging business acumen.  Our experienced consultants can take a look at your current processes, help you decide which “out the box” processes are required and assist you in a rapid time to value deployment of the software of your choice.

Good business processes are, after all, the building bricks to your success.

To talk to someone about how you can make your business child’s play please get in touch.

Written by Emma Stewart – Sales & Marketing Director at Cofficient

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