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Override  Business Partner validation as save event via BDT

The BDT (Business Data Toolset) is a central control tool for maintaining master data and simple transaction data. In addition to dialog maintenance, it also supports maintenance with direct input and/or function modules.

Enhancing the screen to make BP last name optional is a common requirement however known to be quite tedious if correct steps are not known.

The below blog explains the steps required to make a Business Partner to last name as optional.


Execute t-code BUPT -> Business Partner -> Control -> Screen Layout -> Field Group or t-code BUS2.

The standard field group 25 shows only First Name among the mandatory fields




However Last Name is still Mandatory when an user attempts to save it.


Follow the below steps

  1. Create a function group -> within this function group create a copy of function module ISU_BUPA_EVENT_DCHCK.

  2. Execute BUPT ->  Select Business Partner→ Controls → Applications (transaction BUS1). Create an individual application. Save your entries. (e.g. Z test BP enhancement)


NB: Do not mark as active as this stage

  1. Select Business Partner  Controls  Events (transaction BUS7). Select the DCHCK line (checks before saving (cross-view)) and then select Allocate Event  Function Modules.





  1. When you have finished implementing your module, mark your application as Active (transaction BUS1). Save your entries.



  • We have now learnt to override Business Partner Mandatory check during save event. It can be further explored to identify other checks that we can override at BP save event.


Please feel free to add your queries / suggestions to help improve the blog!!!




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