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If you are reading this post then you will probably be a member of the SAP Community Network. This is a great place to find and share information about SAP and can be very useful to a range of people.

Addition to blog 17/09/2012 "Recently marilyn.pratt posted this blog on SCN Rules of Engagement - SCN is meant to be informative, collaborative and fun so these guidelines should hopefully help you get the most out of it"

I’ve been prompted to write this post after seeing some really great content in the Business One Application space that have lots of views but no one has “Liked” or given a Star Rating. To get the most out of SCN it is important to rate posts, questions or answers you find interesting or useful. Also the “Like” function helps good content to be found easier so helping everyone.

It would be great if everyone was an “Active” member of SCN but if you simply read posts and blogs please start Rating and Liking content as this will help our Business One community to improve and be more useful to you. Let’s all get involved, comment on each other’s posts and Like / Rate good content! Remember to share on Twitter, G+ and Linked In too.

Like button:

Star Rating:

Here is a video about SCN and how it can benefit you:

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